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Corporate Style

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Creating independent brand and leading industry
---Shandong DS Safety Technology Co., Ltd.
In the 60 production lines of 11 dipping workshops, 1 knitting workshop and 1 covering yarn workshop, the labor protection gloves sold to the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil and other countries as well as many domestic provinces and cities go through various processes and finally become finished products. The workers in blue work clothes skillfully put the repeated operation in their hands on each pair of unfinished gloves after their own process. Their work clothes are printed with the same four words on the chest: ascending security.
Strictly control product quality
Founded in 1998, Shandong DS Safety Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as DS Safety) has become a leader in the industry, specializing in the production of all kinds of glued labor protection gloves. From a factory with 30 or 40 employees to a modern enterprise with 1500 employees, DS Safety has achieved rapid development in 19 years. In this modern enterprise with an area of 120 mu and a plant area of 60000 m2, about 1.2 million dozen labor protection gloves are produced every month, involving 78 varieties of latex, nitrile, PVC and PU series. In 2016,DS Safety achieved a total annual output value of 530 million. At present, DS Safety has been rated as a demonstration unit of social service system construction, a labor security integrity unit, an advanced private enterprise, an advanced import and export unit, etc. it passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2009 and won the title of Shandong famous brand product in 2011.
At present,DS Safety has formed a one-stop production mode of weaving, dipping, finishing, packaging and warehousing. Some of the products have passed the European Union quality standard CE certification. DS Safety has a set of scientific and effective quality management system to ensure the production efficiency and product quality. In addition to selling well in more than 20 provinces and cities in China, DS Safety products are also exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, India, Brazil, Argentina, etc. Dengsheng security takes creating the first-class product quality in the international market as the foundation, excellent technology and after-sales service as the guarantee, and takes building itself into a first-class product service supplier in the field of labor protection as its own development goal.
In order to ensure the quality of gloves, the R & D technology center of DS Safety has a series of testing equipment to control the quality of products in an all-round way. From the raw materials into the factory on the source of the check test, finished products also after friction, cutting, tearing, piercing and other physical tests. The test center has been certified by SATRA in the UK. Due to the lack of national or industrial standards for some products, DS Safety adopts the European en388 standard and is currently participating in the formulation of some domestic standards for this industry.
DS Safety has a workshop where rows of gloves are immersed in flowing water successively. This process is to wash off the chemical residual bubbles on the immersed gloves, so that the gloves are safer and do no harm to the hands. This process needs to consume cost, and consumers will not find it without this process. These constant temperature clean water after flushing chemical residues flows to DS Safety self built sewage treatment plant for relevant treatment, which is not harmful to the surrounding environment. The conscience and responsibility of an enterprise are not only reflected in its products, but also in all its production behaviors.
Promote domestic sales and export
Before 2005, DS Safety products were all sold to the mainland, and the brand has a certain popularity in China. After 2005, the products began to enter the foreign market, but still mainly for domestic sales. Since 2008, domestic sales and export sales have always accounted for half, but general manager Zhao Lei began to have new thinking“ Is it right to export It's really profitable to export, which can guarantee capital and has a good momentum. Through the efforts of recent years, foreign customers' recognition of ascend security is also higher and higher. In the foreign market, we have also built a capable team of Dengsheng security, especially a standardized, systematic and process oriented production management and control system, which is competitive enough in the control of raw materials, process, quality inspection, delivery time and punctuality. He began to re understand the domestic market, found that the domestic market is his best stage, "because I am too familiar with this market." Quality, scale, product R & D capability, after-sales service and on-time delivery rate have been guaranteed. Zhao Lei believes that it is enough to support DS Safety to become a strong domestic brand.
Credit union promotes the development of the industry
Labor protection industry in Gaomi City has a decades of development history, and it is a major pillar industry in the region. There are more than 900 labor protection products processing enterprises in the city, with more than 32000 employees. The annual production of labor protection gloves is more than 10 billion pairs, and the annual sales volume is more than 70 million pairs. The annual sales volume is more than 5.2 billion yuan, which has become a leading industry with strong influence and distinctive characteristics in Shandong Province and even the whole country.
In order to effectively promote industrial upgrading and scale expansion and enhance the ability of enterprises to resist risks in market competition, Gaomi established labor protection articles industry association in 2006, and ZHAOLEI, general manager of DS Safety, is the current president. At present, the association has attracted more than 200 labor protection enterprises, including more than 100 labor protection gloves related enterprises. The total value of the members of the association accounts for more than 40% of the total local output value.
Brand plot of private enterprises
We also don't want to see foreign brands control the domestic high-end market. Why can't domestic labor insurance enterprises launch an impact on them? Why not fight? How to compete with foreign brands? DS Safety believes that it must rely on its strength, such as its product R & D capability. The price war will not work. Foreign brands do not care about the price in the high-end market. The key lies in the content of science and technology, the development ability of new products, the stability of product quality, and the ability of brand operation. After purchasing products from DS Safety, some well-known foreign-funded labor insurance enterprises take them to the foreign market and put on their own trademarks for external sales. Beat us with our products because they have a strong brand. There is still a big gap between us and them in brand operation and marketing planning ability. This phenomenon has proved that the quality of our products is excellent, what we lack is only brand marketing.
Now domestic consumers have become more rational and begin to think more about cost performance. The consumption habit of only considering price is changing. A pair of climbing gloves costs RMB3.8, but it doesn't break after half a month. A pair of ordinary gloves costs RMB2, but it breaks after three days. It's more cost-effective to buy climbing gloves. There is no result in the price war. There will never be the lowest price. It can only lead to more and more inferior product quality, lower and lower profits, falling into a vicious circle, and finally falling into the competition. There is no way out for price to disturb the market and disorderly competition“ Foreign brands occupy the most high-end, and we are in the most high-end position in the middle and low end. " DS Safety people position the level of their products in this way“ In the foreign market, they absolutely want to kill you, do not let you have a foothold, put their own brand on your products, making it difficult for you to own your own brand. Now we are going to build a domestic brand, and when we really have strength, we will attack the international market. " This is what ascenders believe.

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